Our next masterclass is Wednesday 17th November at 3pm London time


Launch Strategy masterclass: How to scale your business powered by launches (with more joy & ease)

Course creators, membership site owners, coaches, and experts...

Our next free online event is about showing you how to build a wildly successful business using the power of launches to sell and then create long-term growth.

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Laura Phillips, Love To Launch founder, will show how to achieve the success you dream of using the power of launches.


What we're going to cover in the masterclass

Love To Launch founder, Laura Phillips, has worked with some of the biggest names in the online world running their launches and training their teams - generating millions in sales, and she's going to give you a real insight into what it takes to have long-term launch success.

  • The success traits of launch leaders and what they do that sets them apart from other entrepreneurs.
  • How to scale your launches and the mistakes people make along the way that keep their launches small.
  • The a-players you need on your team in order to scale with more ease.

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